Best Props For Role Play Sex – Most Bang For Your Buck

Use these easily accessible props during your Bedroom Role Play to have better sex.


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Ok..I’m Glad you are here because SEX PROPS can really take you role play sex to the next level! We just mention traditional sex props. No bondage here because in a future post it will get it’s on dedicated appreciation 🙂


From mild and reasonable to hot and kinky…we will take it look at your options, why you need get them and where to get them.Remember that when I say Role Play Sex Props I’m primarly talking about things that work well with role play scenarios. However because we are on the topic, I will cover some props that work well when you are not role playing.



So let’s jump into the word of sex props. I describe these from a mans perspective. However this post is equally helpful for men and women. Starting with the mild and working out way down to the hot and kinky…maybe even getting into (weird for some) territory.


Dabhoi Blindfolds
This simple little prop can go a long way. It’s kinda like the little engine that could. Choo Chooooooo! It adds the element of anticipation and fantasy. You can use this in role play sex or traditional. If you have a sleeping mask laying around that will do. In a pinch a pair of her sexy panties sub in just fine. Your other options are:




High Heels
There is just something sexy when you add high heels. Maybe, it’s because it ads authority. They just go well with a very skimpy outfit like lingerie. It can really bring out the sexy in most undergarments….EXCEPT granny panties. These are a great addition to most role play scenarios where the woman is dressed to start.  If you need so great options for a fair price check these out.





Some role play scenarios and outfits can be complemented with a sexy pair of boots! Great affordable options here.




Panty Hose
Again, there is just something about panty hose. In the bedroom they command attention. Pair them with a sexy skirt w/ no panties and some high heels….wow…you are off to a great start.  There are way more choices than I ever thought.  Think dirty options, not corporate.  Lace up, Crotchless, Fishnet, Suspender 




Sexy Lingerie (not specific to scenario)
So lingerie is almost staple amongst the Sex props because it goes well with just about anything. The options are endless here and if you (or your girl) doesn’t have anything in the closet, then just use a sexy bra / panty combo with some panty hose and high heels. You are not walking down the runway here. We find the best deals and selection here.




Now these are the most role play specific because obviously you can taylor different outfits with different scenarios. Lots of outfits / costumes can be used for other scenarios with a little imagination. We find the best deals and selection here.





The feather goes great paired with a blind fold. Use it to explore your partners body. Tip: Don’t go strait for the X rated spots. This is all about anticipation and building tension. Focus on sensitive, but non sexual areas.
sexy dice.




Sexy dice

Great way to let someting else make choices in the bedroom for you. Instead of going back and for saying, “you pick…no you pick”, just roll the dice.




Hand Restraints
This is where it starts to get even more fun. You can use hand restraints as an intro to giving up control. An idea to get you started: Pair these with a blindfold, sexy lingerie / costume & a feather. You can use tons of products on the market:




Hand cuffs
Your taking the idea of being restrained to the next level with some heavy hardware. They come in a ton of varieties:




Foot Restraints:




Sex Swing




The Wedge 








Sex toys

I wont go into all the details here because it would take forever, but here are some of the most popular and I’m sure it won’t surprise you.




So there you have it.  A quick look at some of the top sex props you can use. If you haven’t had a change to Subscribe to our email newsletter…Subscribe below to keep up with all the new blog posts, mobile apps and other things we have planned.


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