Are you Bored in the Bedroom? Is your relationship on the rocks?

Bored in the bedroom? Boring Sex Life?


buy Lyrica generic Are you Bored in the Bedroom? Is your relationship on the rocks because of a dwindling sex life?



Bored in the bedroom and unsure of how to communicate that to your partner?

Are you stumped on how to ask your partner to change it up?

Is there something an X did that your new partner doesn’t and you don’t know how to ask?

Is boring sex the only issue in your relationship and you need help quick?

Do you want to try role play sex with your partner, but don’t know how to bring it up?

Do you want to try role play sex but are afraid you will l screw it up?

Do you need Role Play Scenario Ideas?

Do you need Role Play Script ideas?

Are you having intimacy issues?

Do you have a fantasy you want to reveal to your partner, but are afraid?

Do you want a way to change things up this year for valentine’s day?

Do you need to find out where to buy sexy role play costumes / lingerie that match scenarios?

Do you want to stop looking foolish when you try to talk dirty in the bedroom?

Do you need to know the top sex positions to help her orgasm easier?

Do you want to watch porn with your partner?

Have you thought about cheating because sex is too boring?

Have you already started cheating because sex is too boring?

Are you in a new relationship and want to be upfront with your new partner, but don’t know how?




Click Here If you answered yes to any of the above questions then keep reading. If you didn’t then I will try to save you some time by saying, “this website probably isn’t for you”.



If you are still here then let do me a favor (know this is for your benefit), and take the biggest pain point that came to mind after reading the questions above.



rencontre sexe picardie The thing that is putting the biggest damper on your sex life.

sex life


site rencontre gratuit test Now that you have it, think how long it has been going on and how much stress this has been putting on your relationship.



Think how many arguments and fights it has caused.


Think about how many nights you thought you were either going to get sex and didn’t or the sex tuned boring in the act.


Think about how many nights you needed to sleep on the couch or grab a drink after missing out on some quality time after an argument.


bad and boring sex life



Now take a minute and think about how much better your sex life would be if you didn’t have these issues.



The kind of sex life you used to have with a previous partner.



The kind of sex life you may of had when you were younger or before the kids.



The kind of sex life you had before you got married.



The kind of sex life you had when you were in better shape.



If you can’t relate to one of those, then you may be in a relationship or with a partner that hasn’t found their sexual sweet spot and that’s ok.



Most couples have something they need help with sexually and that’s ok.  The unfortunate part is, not everyone acknowledges it and it goes ignored.
Ignored for years!



More times than not, it’s a simple tweak or quick fix, but you don’t see it or don’t know how to acomplish it because society in general doesn’t give you the tools.  Media and Friends can give you tips, many of which you see on magazines when you check out at the grocery, but that’s all they are tips.



The tips are great, but what you need are the tools that successful couples use to carry out those tips.  The kind of tools that help them avoid arguments.  The tools that prevent them from going years sexually unsatisfied just because they don’t know how to bring it up without hurting their partner.



We talk about those tools and give you the power to use them!



Even if you think this is only one sided and you may be unsatisfie, but you are sure your partner is.  Statistically that is not the case.  Your partner may be just as shy or scared to bring up the things you should be talking too.



So do you relationship and sex life a favor and be the one do bring it up.  Wait! Don’t go yet.  Bringing it up is one thing, but brining it up and saying the right things to achieve what you want is something else.  Let us help!



We want you to have a great relationship with great sex.


sex life is better after role play



The point is if you can remember a time where you had better sex or fantasized about having better sex in the future, then you are in the right place.



role play sex is best



If you are still with us then I want you to know up front that this website was created for one reason.




To help people have better sex, especially Role Play Sex.




You may be wondering….




“Why should I stick around? Isn’t there other websites to find this stuff?”




That’s a fair question. Yes. There is plenty of websites with endless information about everything. These days it’s not the lack of information, it’s the surplus that’s the problem.  You may search your issue and find the #1 Google result from a very popular brand and high traffic website.  The article looked like it would be ok, even know it was short and didn’t have too many details.  The problem with that?  High traffic = big revenue for advertising = horrible experience for you.




When I had a few of the issues (included in the questions at the top) in my relationship, I went to Google. I found a few articles, but found it very difficult to navigate through the top websites.




There are too many ads. I kept clicking on the wrong link and it took me to another bogus website. If I did click the right button or link, I could only read a few sentences before having to click a “next” button, where more ad resulted is misdirection.




Eventually I got fed up and left.  It was then I realized that the trusted and popular magazine / website resources may not be the best place for me to find quality content.  They write these articles with flashy titles to drawl you in and then when you get there it’s not very helpful.




Then a light bulb went off.




We have published 7 adult sex role play apps over the course of 3 years and the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. After checking the stats on App Annie…




Out of the 7 Adult Role Play apps we have accumulated 407,657 downloads (As of 12/10/15).




We never thought to built a website for those apps until mid 2015 and like many people…we put it on the back burner. We eventually had to create this website after demand from our mobile app users and it went live in December of 2015.




I’ve used the techniques, ideas and tips we talk about on here in my own life and I assure you they work!




We are in the process of redesigning our iPhone and iPad apps to be more interactive and fun! Currently they are simple in design, but their impact can be shattering (in a good way 🙂



The downside to the mobile apps are they can’t be as thorough as this blog. In the apps we can give short tips about fantasies, banter and a few sentences for a role play scenario.




On here we can create full Role Play Scenario Scripts with much more detail (many are 1000-1500 words each).




We also dig into all of topics mentioned in the questions up top.




So what does this mean for you? It means you finally found a resource for the pain points in your sex life without the offensive and confusing advertising.




What we do have is a passion for creating solutions to your sex life paint points.




What some app users have said about our apps and techniques:


*5 Stars! “It has amazing ideas and trust me you won’t be bored anymore.”


*5 Stars! “Nice app with a lot of fun ideas and tips how to change your private life.”


*5 Stars! ” Now I see an entirely new approach to adult fun. Worth checking out.”


*5 Stars! “Interesting app. It seems as my wife and I enjoy it”


*4 Stars! “Some great ideas for spicing it up in the bedroom. We used to watch movies now we make them using this app!



The unfortunate thing for them (all 400,000+) is they don’t know this website exists. We are trying to update some of our old apps with ways to let them know, but are focused more on building a new mobile app and creating more free content for this blog.





I’m glad you found this post!





So all we ask from you is this:




Please subscribe to our email list to get you one step closer to the sex life you desire and deserve. For the instant gratification side of our personality, you will receive our FREE PDF guide, “Spice it up” 5 tips you can use tonight!”




We will also send you some of our popular blog posts in your welcome email (along with your free PDF guide).  When you receive that email, just hit reply and let us know what information you want and we will get it to you.



There is no obligation. Unsubscribe at any time. We will notify you when we post a new blog post or release our new Role Play mobile app. This includes role play scenarios and many other posts where we address the pain points mentioned today.  If you have any friends that have been complaining about their sex life…send them our way.


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