Do you and your partner watch porn together? Read why you should consider it


Learn to watch porn together. Couples can have fun exploring their fantasies watching porn and trying couples role play!


Do you and your partner watch porn together? Read why you should consider it.

I guess I should start by asking if you watch porn on a regular basis? If you do, then a lot of this will seem quite normal, if not, don’t worry, I will give detailed reasons why you should at least try to tolerate it for the sake of your relationship.



Summary: You stay more in touch with your needs and the needs of your partner without ever saying the word “needs” or acknowledge you are having a “talk” about your sex life.



If this is of any interest to you…read on.



By the way…if your sex life is already great, then props to you! I’d appreciate the opportunity to show you that I may be able to make it better.



If it could use some work then absolutely stay tuned.



So… back to it. Why should you watch porn together?  (Yes, with your partner)



If you watch porn together, it has congruent advantages with using a little bedroom role play. You can find out what your partner likes and find out what you may not even know you like. It’s pretty easy. Just click around and see what get’s you and your partner excited.



Hints that your partner is into something:



“wow, that looks kinda weird,”
“I didn’t even know people did that,”
“I’d never do that.”
“Have you ever tried that?”
without warning, grabs you and starts into things



Ways for you to passively show some interest in something you may be affriad to bring up in another setting:



“Oh, when you hear ________, you think awful things, but this is kinda interesting and sexy”
“Would you ever consider trying that?”
“My friend ______ mentioned this awhile back and I thought it was weird until I heard how much fun they had.”



Strong recommendation that you don’t ask. Ever.


“Have you ever tried that?”


Most people are not ready to hear an honest answer. If you are, I think it’s mature and shows confidence in yourself. That’s a lot of what this is. You are watching people that are usually more sexually comfortable with their bodies.  It can be easier to transition into trying those “things” they are doing in your own bedroom if you watch someone else do them first.  Sure, it would be more direct to just ask, but that’s not always an option depending on the relationship dynamic.



Things guys need to get past:



If you are intimidated from the size of his package, keep reading why watching porn could help you get over that. Here’s a fact….We’re all like snowflakes. Not everyone will have the same features. Not everyone will have the same advantages or natural skills. Watching porn and seeing the guys at the “top” of their profession isn’t any different than seeing a professional basketball player dunking on a fast break while you remember you can’t even make a foul shot.



Would missing a foul shot at the park ruin your day? Probably not.



What’s important? Being comfortable in your own shoes and playing on your strengths with confidence. If you’re not a professional basketball player, don’t count on that to pay the bills.



Things woman need to get past:



Not all men all perverts, but, from my close circle of friends…I’d estimate the majority of us are.


I say that bluntly, but let us dig a little deeper.



The definition of a pervert is:



“a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.”



So in a woman’s point of view, much of what a man says about sex and his sexual behavior is unacceptable most of the time. Most often, we can turn almost any conversation “sexual” without much work because it’s usually not something we forget. It is always playing in the background. Let’s call it a sex soundtrack of unlimited songs that starts playing about the age of 12.  And does not shut off until our testorone dwindles to old man levels. Even then, we might hear a few songs once in awhile.



The reason I say most men are perverts (in the eyes of a woman) is because we bring up those sexual thoughts and discuss the behavior at unacceptable times.



Yes. I said it. So, behind close doors, most men can attest they’ve been surprised by a woman in their actions, language, and or requests.



So to the women out there, give us a break in our horrible timing. And we will try to dial it back a percentage or two.


Ironically, most men can talk about sex all day. In detail of past stories, new preferences, and things they want.



However, as soon as a woman says, “talk dirty to me, baby”, it gets quiet.



I want to help change that. Let the men of the world be just a little less offensive during business hours and more effective in the bedroom.



That’s for another post.



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