Couples Role Play Scenario – The Stressed MDs Comfort Each Other During A Long Shift – Doctors On Call

In this couples role play scenario the stressed doctors on call comfort each other with some hot sex during their long shift.

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buy Lyrica canada pharmacy Couples Role Play Scenario – The Stressed MDs Comfort Each Other During A Long Shift – Doctors On Call

Mtsensk Characters:

Male Medical Doctor (MD)

Female Medical Doctor (MD) Attire:

Male MD: Casual Pants w/white coat (robe will work)

Female MD: Casual Pants, white coat (robe will work), with sexy outfit underneath.  Because both roles are doctors and sexy costume options are limited, we recommend choosing a sexy nurse costume for her to wear under the robe.  (Great choice here  / not an affiliate link)

Extras: Stethoscope

buy Lyrica india How to Start:

Male MD: Sitting on the edge of the bed with hands on head looking stressed (takes place in the on call room where doctors can grab some quick sleep during long shifts).

Female MD: Walks in surprising the man



Couples Role Play Environment

Recommend: Dark Room with bed



Couples Role Play Summary

During a long shift working late together, the MD’s only escape is the on call room. It’s quiet and safe to shed some of the pressure and stress that’s accumulated.


(Note: This is just a starting point. The possibilities are endless. You can always switch the gender roles to change the dynamic of this scenario. Maybe the woman would enjoying being the one starting out on the bed with man walking in to comfort. Maybe they are the same sex.)



Couples Role Play Full Scenario:

The female MD walks into the dark on call room where doctors can grab some quick sleep. She flips on the light to see a male MD sitting on the edge of the bed, hands on head with an stressed demeanor.



Male MD: “Hey!! Turn that back off!” (feeling vulnerable)



Female MD: “Ok. Ok!”



She flips it off and walks over slowly in the dark. Making sure not trip, using only the light from the hallway shining in under the door as a guide.  While standing next to the bed facing the man, she says:



Female MD: “Hi, my name is Dr Johnson. How are you doing tonight…?”



Male MD: “Now is not the best time (annoying exhale followed by a slight pause)






Male MD: Hi, I’m Dr. Mast.  Just feeling a little overwhelmed and tense”



Female MD: “I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve seen you around, but we haven’t formally met”



Male MD: “Yea, I just transferred in. Sorry if I’m being short…It’s just been one of those nights”



Female MD: “Completely understand. No worries”



She starts to walk out and then turns around.



Female MD: “You know…when I’m having one of those nights, it’s easier to snap out of it with someone else around that has been through it”



Male MD: “I don’t know….I can’t imagine I’d be good company right now..” 



Female MD: “You can cheer me up the next time I’m having one of these nights”  



Male MD: “Ok. Deal!”



She sits down beside him (lights still off) and they chat a little about where they grew up, went to school….and then the conversation turned to relationships.



Female MD: “Sometimes I can’t believe I’m single. I guess over the years I automatically shut people out of my life with the hectic schedule of med school, residency and now just the day in / day out grind of this lifestyle.



Male MD: “Yea, I think about the same things sometime. No one really mentions that part in the early days..”



Female MD: “Well, maybe us doctors need to stick together. We understand the sacrifices that were made to get to this point.  Crazy to admit, sometimes it feels like punishment to go home to an empty apartment after a long shift.”


Male MD: “I know what you mean.”



(He reaches over and puts is hand on hers)



Female MD: “Wait a minute, sorry for rambling on there, I’m suppose to cheer you up so you can return the favor sometime”



Male MD:It’s ok. Lets just cheer each other up”



(Sitting in silence / In the almost completely dark room)



They both move a little closer as if they already agreed that tonight will be unlike any other time spent in the on call room. She feels his hot breath on her neck….then a soft kiss.  A tickle runs up her spine to her head, back down the front of her face, and across her breasts. Just at that moment he traces around her left nipple with his left hand and firmly grips her ass with his right.  Followed by pulling her close (all while still clothed).



The Stressed MDs Comfort Each Other During A Long Shif



Female MD: “(Moans)”



Male MD: “I found what you like…and now I want you to find what I like”



Female MD: “I bet I can guess it has something to do with this….? ”



She puts her hand down the front of his pants to feel him throbbing



Male MD: “What are you going to do with that???”



She pulls it out and places it into her mouth…slowly taking inch after inch until it reaches the back of her throat.



Male MD: “Moans…Oh shit that feels good..”



He runs his hands through her hair, moving down to the back of her neck to massage.  Careful not to force her down further…as she is already quite proficient in that area.



It seems she is getting more pleasure just giving him what he wants.  He pulls her up and demands to taste her. Still fully clothed, he pulls her pants down (as she stands) just enough to expose her.



While still sitting on the bed he pulls her up and says:



Male MD: “Stand over me so I can taste you.”



She eagerly complies.  After a few minutes she lays down on the side of the bed perpendicular to him.



(In a perfect position for what happens next)



He approaches her mouth with his penis and she whimpers a little in anticipation.  She lunges forward a few inches grabing his penis and shoving it into her mouth.  She pulls it out a few seconds later and slaps it on the side of her face.



Female MD: “You like that…huh??”



It goes back into her mouth for a few more seconds. Then she pulls it out and traces around her closest nipple with his throbbing penis…



She is now exposed on the edge of the bed… busy with him in her mouth. He reaches down with his free hand and starts to pleasure her by starting gently rubbing side to side and quickly increasing the speed.



He breaks it up by a very light slap on her vagina.  She transitions from light moans to heavy moans & breathing.



Male MD: “Slide over here and spread your legs”



Female MD: “Ok…(moans)”



She is now laying on the edge of the bed fully exposed with her legs spread



Male MD: “I need to taste you again. It’s so sweet”



Female MD: “Ohhhhhhh……do it, do it now!”



He comes up from between her legs and climbs on top of her. They passionately kiss and grind on each other. He leans back just enough to have access to her tingling breasts…circling nipple with his tongue and using his free hand to lightly slap her vagina again.



Female MD: “Fuck me…Please Fuck Me!”



Male MD:We shouldn’t be doing this…someone could come in at anytime”



Female MD: “Be a man and fuck me now….don’t worry about someone coming in….you can come anywhere you want.”



He teases her clitoris for a few more seconds with the head of his penis before putting it in…



Female MD: “Moans”



They continue to roll around the bed trying several positions. As she approaches orgasm he continues to fuck her until she shakes in ecstasy.



Moments later…. it is his turn.



He pulls out and tells her to get down on her knees.



(She remembered she said:   “you can come anywhere you want”)



He shoves his penis into her mouth and instructs her to finish him.



She eagerly takes every inch she could without gagging and feels him explode in the back of her throat.



These two doctors always know a late night encounter in the on call room is steps away from the overwhelming stress of a long shift at the hospital. 



This scenario is one of the many we are working on.



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