Role Play Sex Mistakes – Do These 3 Things To Avoid An Argument Or Breakup Afterwards (Part 1)


Role Play Sex Mistakes – Do These 3 Things To Avoid An Argument Or Breakup Afterwards (Part 1)

Below you will see three things people forget when Role Playing in the bedroom.

I think it’s a good idea for couples to be spontaneous, especially in the bedroom. When things work, they really work, but when they don’t… I’m sure a lot of you have been in a situation where you’ve either surprised or been surprised by a partner. I’m not talking about the good surprises, I’m talking about the ones that catch you off guard and result in:

  • Disgust
  • Confusion



Enter…sex mistakes:


Most of the time you can come back from those things and chalk  your reaction up to just being so surprised. However, unless you really want to surprise your partner with a new experience, then I believe you could benefit from 3 things people often forget when role playing in the bedroom.


Before we get into that, I do want to tell you real quick that there is kind of a middle ground here. If you want to test the idea of a new experience or twist in the bedroom then you can often nonchalantly run it past your partner without being the person that is suggesting it.




In blog post below, I talk about how to watch porn with your partner for the first time without getting into an argument. In the post I bring up the “hear it from a friend”….and got curious myself angle.


You can read the full post here:

How To Watch Porn Together For The First Time – Without An Argument



Or just see the screen shot:

Below you will see three things people forget when Role Playing in the bedroom (Part 1)



Another related article:

Do you and your partner watch porn together? Read why you should consider it.


So here we go….


1. Discuss things beforehand

Before getting into the talk of what scenarios you want to try and all the specifics, you might want to check if they are down to trying role play in the first place. I suggest you don’t ask if they have tried it before unless you are ready for the answer. I’ve found if you even bring it up you can usually tell by their reaction whether or not it’s something they have tried and / or would like to try with you.


So if it’s a green light for the role play in the bedroom then:
Find out what you are both comfortable and not comfortable with. You shouldn’t feel forced to do anything your not ok with. Find a compromise. If you are in a relationship you should be pretty familiar with this concept. I find picking a scenario that’s pretty general to start, works best. Ideally something that turns you both on. Don’t get hung up on this step. After you try it a few times, I’m sure you will settle into seeing what kinda of power dynamics you and your partner have the most fun with.


Later, if one person wants to try something pretty specific that’s probably tried to one of their fantasies, then go for it! Next time you can go with yours.


2. Agree on your sexy talk

Ok….this is a big one. I’m smiling as I type this. I’m sure you’ve either been the one to say something that crossed the line or were on the other side. If not, maybe you’ve seen something on TV.


Still nothing?? Basically one person takes it too far and says something that kills the mood. The general theme you see comedians joke about, is when the woman starts to request the dirty talk. The guy tries and that’s usual followed by a requests for something dirtier. He may have one more shot and then when she says it again he just skips to “I just got slapped” level.


She usually says, “What did you just say!!?”




Save yourself the trouble and find out what you can say and not say. You can quickly kill the mood by taking it too far or not far enough That’s why it’s important to talk about this beforehand. This may kinda be an awkward conversation. Similar to when you tried to bring something up you talked about with a friend the night before when you were “hammered drunk in the front row….” Skip at your own risk.


3. Don’t put pressure on yourself
Don’t think you have to be in tip top shape to have fun together in the bedroom. The goal is to have fun and experience a level of satisfaction that can be hard to reach with traditional sex. So if this isn’t an issue for you then just skip this. If it is…then check out this scenario below. The setting takes place in a dimly lit room. It’s a great scenario if you want to hide your naked body or are just starting out with role play in the bedroom. With that being said, even if you are an expert…I find this scenario will deliver time and time again. I sure has for me.


Role Play Scenario: Relaxing Massage – The Masseur Gives A Sensual Massage To The Tense Woman.


Extra reminder:


Have a safe word
Always have an agreed upon safe word that can bring the situation to an end if someone feels uncomfortable. A word you wouldn’t normally use is most effective. For example, “Spumoni”. Or you could just use “Stop”, but that’s if you are not into some power dynamic where stop doesn’t mean stop. Another good one is cucumber. I’ll say it again. Cucumber. Not sure why I like that word, but anyway go have some fun!


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