Couples Role Play Scenario – Risk Of Eviction – Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not To Kick Her Out

The Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not To Kick Her Out Role Play Scenario - Risk of Eviction

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can you buy finasteride online Risk of Eviction – Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not To Kick Her Out.


The property manager approaches the desperate tenant who can not pay this months rent. The tenant explains, “I can’t pay, but will do whatever it takes to avoid eviction.” Characters:

Desperate Tenant (Female)
Property Manager (Male)
Female: Sexy Panties & Bra ( great choice here)
Male: Business Casual




Power Dynamic:

Desperate Tenant & Property Manager both carry submissive and dominate roles in this exciting scenario.  They will both feel like they have the upper hand at times.




How to Start:
Property Manager: Knocks on Door
Desperate Tennant: Sitting on bed or couch




Recommend: It is best to play this out using a door within your residence. For example, use bedroom door. This closely simulates a small apartment and explains why she would be walking around half naked.




Couples Role Play Summary:
This scenario starts with a handsome property manager knocking on the front door of the high end furnished apartment. He attends to inform the beautiful female tenant that she is behind on rent and risks eviction if an immediate payment is not made. She does not have enough money in her account to write a check, but finds another way to pay him.
(Note: This is just a starting point. The possibilities are endless. You can always switch the gender roles to completely change the dynamic of this scenario. Maybe the woman would enjoying being the sexy property manager with a handsome male tenant trying to convince her not to evict him. Maybe they are the same sex. You decide how the scenario goes.




Couples Role Play Full Scenario:

As the man aggressively knocks on her apartment door…she’s startled…then remembers she didn’t pay her rent. She had just got out of the shower and was only half dressed, sitting on the couch.



Desperate Tenant: “Who is it?”



Property Manager: “It’s Dave”



Desperate Tenant: “Who?



Property Manager: “Dave. The property manager!”



Desperate Tenant: “Oh. Yes. Right…um, can I help you with something? (door is still shut)”



Property Manager: “Yes! You can open the door.”



Desperate Tenant: “Ok, sorry. It’s unlocked. Come in.”




(She walks over by the door)




Property Manager: “So, I’m sure you know, we haven’t received this months rent.”



Desperate Tenant: “Yes. I just realized that today. I meant to…..”



(He cuts her off)



Lease Manger: “Spare me the story…I’ve heard them all, I am really getting tired of people renting our high end furnished apartments when they cant afford it”



Desperate Tenant: “I’m very sorry, but like I tried to tell you…”



(He cuts her off again)



Property Manager: “Enough…you have 1 day to pay or we will evict you!”



(She begins to get upset and heads over to the couch…as she darts over there her robe falls off.



(He follows her)




The Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not To Kick Her Out Role Play Scenario - Risk of Eviction



Desperate Tenant: “(mumbles / crying)….I really try….(mumbles / crying)…to do my best…..”



(He is standing over her)



Property Manager: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m just trying to do my job”



Desperate Tenant: “You’re doing it with the subtlety of a baboon…..I don’t deserve this…I’m going to go see someone about this harassment!”



Property Manager: “Harassment? What are you talking about!!!!???”



Desperate Tenant: “See? How you just came at me? The yelling? It’s not right”



Property Manager: “Ok. Ok. Look. You may be right about that. I’m having a bad day and I hate this part of the job, but you really do need to pay rent by tomorrow or we will have to evict you.”



Desperate Tenant: “Ok. I understand. Please leave now.”



Property Manager: “Ok.”



(He walks towards the door and when he goes to open the door to leave……)



Desperate Tenant: “Wait.”



Property Manager: “What?”



Desperate Tenant: “Is there anything I can do to avoid eviction?”



Property Manager: “Yes. Pay your rent by tomorrow”



Desperate Tenant: “Yes. Yes, but what I mean is… there any other way I could pay you?”






Property Manager: “I don’t know…what did you have in mind?”



Desperate Tenant: “I can’t pay….but will do whatever it takes to avoid eviction.”



(Looking around the apartment)



Desperate Tenant: “There has got to be something in here you want…”



(He looks back at her and she is no longer laying face down on the couch)


The Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not To Kick Her Out Because Risk Of Eviction


(He looks at her trying to determine if this is somehow a trick….or a trap)
Property Manager: “You mean…”



(She cuts him off)



Desperate Tenant: “Come over here and sit down”



(What he doesn’t know is that although she seems very upset on the outside…secretly inside…she is extremely turned on by his aggressive behavior)



Property Manager: “Ok.”



(She motions for him to sit down on the couch. She slides down next to him and places her hand on his inner thigh. He smiles, but still fidgets a little.)



Desperate Tenant: “I think we can have a little fun and then you can forget about that rent. What do you say?”



Property Manager: “I guess it depends how much *FUN* we have….”



Desperate Tenant: “Fair enough”



(She unzips his zipper and reaches in to discover his throbbing cock. It is so hard that she can’t maneuver it in a way to escape though the zipper. She unbuckles his belt….then he quickly unbuttons his pants and she pulls them down as she kneels between his legs. Now on her knees, she pulls it out from his boxer briefs. Excited by his size, she doesn’t waist any time.
She approaches the base with her tongue and slowly runs it up towards the head. When she reaches the top, she forfeits the right to tease him. She really wanted was his hard cock in her mouth.




(She can’t get enough of it. Stroking it with one hand and taking every inch down her throat, her free hand wandered down between her legs.)



(Her white panties are starting to heat up. As she begins to moan, he pulls her up off his cock)



Property Manager: “Stand up, take those panties off and step up here on the couch so you can straddle my mouth. I want to taste that sweet pussy.”



Desperate Tenant: (moans) (moans) “ohhhhh…yessss”
(She does as he instructed. Stepping up on the couch and bracing her self on the wall behind the couch. He uses one hand to expose her completely and the other wraps around her ass to pull her in close. Before he even touches his tongue to her….he let his hot breath let her know he was close. He then gives her one slow lick, starting at the bottom and runs all the way to her now swollen clit. We he reaches the clit…. he flicks it with his tongue.)


Desperate Tenant: “(moans)…..Oh, that feels so fucking good!”



(He repeats this a few times until taking both of his hands to tightly grab her ass. He can start to see her legs get a little weak as she leans over to one side.)



Property Manager: “Come down here and bend over this couch”



Desperate Tenant: “Ohhhhhh yea, you want to fuck this tight pussy??”



(He smiles as she gets down and bends over. Then he takes his hard cock and gently places the head right on her clit….moving it back and forth very quickly.)




(She shakes as her knees begin to weaken again. She reaches back and lines it up as he moves forward to put it in. As he is fucks her hard, he smacks her ass while she reaches back  to rub her clit .)
(They keep at it for some time….then he pulls out to change positions and is surprised when she put his cock in her mouth.)



Desperate Tenant: “Oh…..It’s so hard”



Property Manager: “(moans) Come over here and let me taste you”



(She lays down on the couch spreading her legs. He gives her clit a little attention and then puts it inside her. They keep at it for a little longer… changing positions a few more times…)




(As they approach orgasm she requests him to finish inside her. She wants to feel him explode while she finishes. The moment she feels his first hot burst shoot inside her….she begins
to scream in ecstasy.)



(He puts his pants back on and walks to the door turning around…to say,)
Property Manager: “That was great!”




Desperate Tenant: “It sure was….so about the rent that’s due tomorrow…”




Property Manager: “Don’t worry about it….this month”



(He walks out.)



What he doesn’t know is she only missed the payment because she was traveling abroad for 3 weeks and lost track of time. After the long day of travel to get home, she had jet lag and had to catch up on sleep. That afternoon was when she was going to pay all her bills.


The Desperate Tenant Convinces Property Manager Not To Kick Her Out Role Play Scenario - Risk of Eviction


Then why did she….?



She was actually upset by the way he came at her, but after she settled down, she realized:


1.) He was pretty handsome and it would be fun to play along

2.) His aggressive behavior turned her on
3.) She had been traveling and needed some great no strings attached sex!
4.) She could just go shopping with the saved money!



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