Couples Role Play Scenario – The Patient Wakes Up To A Naughty Nurse – Surprise Wake Up

A Patient Wakes Up To A Naughty Nurse With A Surprise Wake Up Role Play Scenario

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Couples Role Play Scenario – The Patient Wakes Up To A Naughty Nurse – Surprise Wake Up


Male Patient
Naughty Nurse



Female: Sexy Nurse Outfit (Here is one of our favorites)
Male: Large White T-Shirt (wore as gown)



Power Dynamic:

Male Patient: Submissive (while sleeping, but reverses when he awakes)
Naughty Nurse: Dominant  (but reverses when the patient awakes)




This scenario is great because it is one the most popular scenarios people use and it does not involve much skill, risk or time to prep.




(Recommended) Fully lit room with a bed



How to Start:
Male Patient: In bed sleeping
Naughty Nurse: Walks into room



Couples Role Play Summary:
This scenario starts with an astute female nurse that seduces a sleeping male patient who is having a sex dream. The power shifts when the patient wakes up and threatens to report the nurse. She will do anything to prevent that from happening. The dynamic evens out after she likes what he chooses and they continue the experiment into the night.



(Note: This is just a starting point. The possibilities are endless. You can always switch the gender roles to change the dynamic of this scenario. Maybe the woman would like a male nurse to dominate. Maybe the patient / nurse are the same sex.)



Couples Role Play Full Scenario:
While working the late night shift, a nurse is checking on a sleeping patient and notices he is smiling. She realizes he must be dreaming, and starts to walk out when she hears a gentle moan.



She turns around and is shocked to see he is obviously dreaming about something arousing. The sheet around his waist looks like a tepee. After giggling, she walks closer and is surprised she had not noticed how handsome he was.



Curiously, she reaches over gently and runs her hand against his stiff tepee. It got even bigger and then he let out another moan.



For a brief moment, she realizes how wrong this must be, but moves past it quickly.
She has been working long hours and recently broke up with her lazy boyfriend.
It has been awhile since she has had sex. She walks over to the door…shuts & locks it.



When she walks back over to the bed she realizes he must have shuffled around. Now the sheet is on the floor and the only thing covering his penis is the gown. She lifts it up and feels a tingle shoot through her body. This experience is risky and exciting. The sight of his throbbing penis almost involuntarily sends her right hand towards it. Once it is in her hand, she knows this is going to be a night to remember.



The light strokes get him harder and harder until she can feel his pulse through this direct connection.



At this point, she begins to lose control of any remaining workplace conduct. There is no turning back. She leans over and licks up the shaft.  When she reaches the head, without hesitation, it is in her mouth. He starts to moan even more (still sleeping) and she can not help reaching down with her other hand to touch herself.



She then reaches up with that hand and places two of her fingers to his lips. Surprisingly, he starts to softly lick them. She does not hesitate to climb on top of the bed to straddle his face.



From her position, she can see his penis begin to lose its upright hardness. She leans forward and put him back into her mouth while still straddling his face (69 position).



Her instinct has thrown any remaining inhibitions aside.



Although the patient still appears to be asleep, things start to escalate. He reaches up with his hands and starts to explore her body while sill in the 69 position. After a few minutes, she turns around and begins to grind on him in the cowgirl position until leaning forward. At the same time he scoots in the opposite direction. As they slowly reverse those actions, (moving back towards each other) she feels his penis slide inside her.


She leans back and begins riding him with complete control over her own approaching orgasm. A few minutes later, he wakes up and takes a look at the nurse. She is shocked and starts to raise up to dismount when he reaches out and wraps his left hand around her waist. The right hand smacks her ass. She moans in ecstasy as he pumps harder and harder.



Patient: “You really are a naughty nurse aren’t you!!?”



Naughty Nurse: “Yes, I am…(moans)”



Patient: “This is a fantasy come true, but after we’re done..I have to report this”



Naughty Nurse: “No! Please, don’t. I would loose my job…I’ll do anything..Please”



Patient: “Really? Anything?”



Naughty Nurse: “Yes, anything”



Patient, “Ok. Flip Over”


(Now the Patient has the power to play out one of his desires with the female nurse. Improvise here. The nurse is exposed to new experiences, but is surprisingly into it. They keep this steamy exchange going all night…)



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Our other favorite costumes that work great for this scenario:


Nurse Me Sexy Nurse Costume

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