Role Play Scenario: Relaxing Massage – The Masseur Gives A Sensual Massage To The Tense Woman.


The Masseur Gives A Sensual Erotic Massage To The Tense Woman Role Play Scenario
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Couples Role Play Scenario – The Masseur Gives A Sensual Massage To The Tense Woman – 
Relaxing Massage




Tense Woman



Female: Sexy Panties
Male: Casual Pants w/ T-shirt



How to Start:
Masseur: Walks in and approaches woman
Female Client: Laying on her stomach covered up with a sheet (blindfolded)



Couples Role Play Environment
Recommend: Dimly lit room
Optional: Candles (scented or non scented), Massage Oil, Relaxing Music, sleeping mask or blindfold
Tip: If you don’t have dimmer or candles, place a red cloth or shirt over a lamp shade to instantly change the mood to relaxing and sensual (see below)



I just threw a dress shirt over the night stand lamp



Couples Role Play Summary
This scenario starts with a handsome masseur walking into a dimly lit room to give a sensual massage to a tense woman. As it progresses, the sexual tension builds until they decide to give in.



(Note: This is just a starting point. The possibilities are endless. You can always switch the gender roles to change the dynamic of this scenario. Maybe the woman would enjoying being the masseuse with a tense man receiving the massage. Maybe they are the same sex.



Couples Role Play Full Scenario:

As the masseur walks into the dimly lit massage room he notices two things.

1.) How tense the client is

2.) How stunning she is.



Overcoming his distraction, he focuses and greets the woman.



Masseur: “Hi, my name is Jack. How are you doing tonight?”



Female Client: “Hi, I’m Ashley. Pretty Good….just a little overwhelmed and tense.”



Masseur: “I’m sorry to hear that. We will get started in a moment.”



Female Client: “Thanks. Ok (sighs)”



Masseur: “Do you have any problem areas you want me to focus on? Anything I should avoid?”



Female Client: “My upper thighs and lower back have been stiff lately from yoga”



Masseur: “Ok. I will make sure to focus on those areas. I’m leaving for a few minutes. You can undress to your comfort level and then get under the sheet laying face down.”



Female Client: “Ok. I am going to put on a sleeping mask because it helps me relax.”



Masseur: “Ok.”



(two minutes later)



Masseur: “(Knocks on door)”



Female Client: “Yes, come in.”



Masseur: “Let’s get started.”



The man thoroughly massages the woman starting with her shoulders and back. He moves to her thighs and calves.



Female Client: “(Moans)”



Masseur: “Are you ok?”



Female Client: “Yes, that feels amazing. I almost forgot you were a stranger..(giggles)”



He works up to her lower back (tight area #1). She loosens up as he moves lower and lower.



Masseur: “Ok. Can you flip over and slide down a little so your head is laying flat on the table”



Female Client: “Sure (smiles)”



Masseur: “Ok. I know you mentioned your second tight area was your upper thighs. I recommend extending up into the hips. It allows me to use longer motions that will be much more relaxing.”



Female Client: “(smiles)”



He continues the massage. She begins to moan again as he finishes her left arm and hand. As he places her hand back on the table and under the sheet, she places her hand on his hand….



Female Client: “Your hands are very warm.”



She guides his hand between her legs and begins to use it as if it were her own.



Female Client: “When I signed in they said I could add on things like facials, cool stone face massages…ect.. for an additional cost.”



Masseur: “Yes”



Female Client: “There was also an “other” box to check. I checked that box.”



Masseur: “Yes, but I’m not sure this is appropriate”



Female Client: “The customer is always right (smiles). I am simply changing my mind on the areas I’d like to focus on”



Masseur: “(nods)”



She takes his other hand and places it on her neck and says:



Female Client: “Please continue.”



After enough hints, the man realizes this will be a massage to remember. He continues by grabbing a large handful of her hair. Followed by a tug to the side to expose her sensitive neck. He kisses it passionately while she reaches over and rubs in-between his legs.



Female Client: “Wow! I knew you wanted me…why did you make me work for it?”



Masseur: “(Smiles) I had to make sure you were completely in to it. This is very risky to do in here. The doors don’t lock and we are busy”



Female Client: “I’m going to flip over on my stomach and I want you to take off your clothes. Then get on top of me and work on my lower back again. Don’t get any ideas either… I really want you to work on back.”



(What she doesn’t know is he has no briefs on)



He does as she instructs. As he keeps working on her, it is clear how pure her beauty is.


Silky Skin.


Perfect Curves.



Female Client: “I can feel you are enjoying the view…..You are so hard.”



Masseur: “I can see you are enjoying the massage. Glistening with excitement”



He continues to work his way up to her shoulders and neck while straddling her upper thighs. She slips deeper and deeper into relaxation. She subtly turns around while making eye contact with him, reaches back with her right arm and strokes his penis. With a sexy grin on her face, she guides it inside her.


At last…she pushes back against him just as moment he is thrusts forward. His left hand smacks her ass while his right hand reaches under to pinch her right nipple.


As they approach orgasm she requests him to finish inside her. She wants to feel him explode while peaking in ecstasy.


(She now has a standing weekly appointment)



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