Couples Role Playing Ideas In The Bedroom – Your Quick 101 Start Guide

Use this quick 101 start guide for role playing ideas in the bedroom with your partner.

Couples Role Playing Ideas In The Bedroom – Your Quick 101 Start Guide

Want to have better sex tonight? Keep reading…

Are you married, in a relationship or dating?


Regardless, if you are bored in the bedroom… You don’t have to be!



You may have tried every sex position under the sun, but eventually random positions can get boring. Bedroom role play may be just what you need to help reignite the passion back in the bedroom. 

Let’s be honest, when you’ve been with the same person for a while, sex can start to be more of a routine than the exciting sex you had in the “early days”. Learn how to get that back with these tips and examples that could change your bedroom tales forever!



Below you will see 12 things that will get you started and show you how to make the most of our role playing ideas.



Intro to Role Play: When you’ve been with the same partner for a while, sex can start to become more routine than an exhilarating buildup of tension and release! Learn how to inject a little excitement back into your sex life with some role playing!



Tips: Sexual role play can be a great way to reveal some of your deepest desires and fantasies to your partner with the safety net of being in characters. You may have tried all the exotic positions and made a few of your own, but they can get old, especially if you don’t have any lead up to your sex.



Problems with good old sex: A common problem is that one person (usually the woman) often needs more foreplay and whichever the compromise, someone usually leaves under satisfied. In a role play scenario, it evens the playing field a little and allows each person to play out a few things they enjoy, which can have a dramatic effect on the experience. It can turbo charge the session and bring the partners closer to simultaneous ecstasy.



What exactly is sexual role play? It’s a way to heighten your arousal by acting out scenarios and seducing your partner in a manner that arouses them just as much as it arouses you. It’s game of seduction, playing different characters, and making sexual advances towards each other. While routine sex can often leave you under whelmed, role playing can provide better lead up and more depth to your sex.



Getting Good: Role playing sex should be experienced to fully understand the benefits it can have to your sex life. You need to understand what turns you and your partner on to choose the right characters & scenarios. With the ability to play out your fantasies, the possibilities are only limited to your imaginations.



The need for role playing: Even the happiest of couples can get thirsty for something new in their sex lives. If you know what your partner is going to do before they do it, then routine has taken over your sex and it’s time to add in some fun! Let role playing bring a little excitement back into your sex life! You’ll never know what you’re missing until you give it a try.



How to role play in bed: The more you feel the part the more fun it can be! For beginners, leave out the costumes at first and try roles that don’t push you too far. After you’ve done it a few times, you can get more adventurous with your role playing. In time, if you can get out of your own head for a few minutes and be happy with yourself and your body, it’s quite an experience!



How to do it the right way: Remember that role playing sex can be a lot better than regular sex because you can act fantasies without feeling so embarrassed. It also helps add more lead up to the interaction, which many underestimate how much better it can be with a little banter and teasing. Great sex can be more about what’s in your mind, than in your pants, especially for women.



Choose your characters: Choose a character that excites you as if a shot of sexual energy just flooded into your body. Some choose to compromise on picking characters, but it’s also fun to alternate with one person picking both so it’s more satisfying to their fantasy or desire. If you have a few costumes to throw into the mix you could almost guarantee a wild night of sex!



The rules: Have a way to end the game early if someone gets uncomfortable. Avoid judgment, unless your partner’s actions frighten or disgust you. Before you toss your clothes off, remember to toss your inhibitions out the window. Learn to nail the part by an using an costume, accessories, appropriate behavior.



How to enjoy role playing ideas: Jump into the roles without the fear of embarrassment. Have a safe word. It’s recommended that the roles are a compromise or version of least one person’s desires or fantasies. This is about you and your partner. Role playing is just one of the many things you can do to spice it up in the bedroom.



This post is intended to get you excited and informed about bedroom role playing ideas. We have a lot planned for the future that will keep you coming back for more.



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