Has sex turned into a routine? Spice it up in the Bedroom TONIGHT with these 5 tips!



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buy Pregabalin online You know what I mean….Call it boring. Call it routine. Even call it efficient. Are those the adjetives you use to describe your favorite food or activity? I hope not.

If you already know what your partner is going to do and or say before it happens, maybe it’s time for a shake up.

You’re not alone. So many couples full into this trap and it’s happened to me too.

http://patayershomes.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://patayershomes.com/sold-premiere-condo-in-the-dtc/ How did I spice it up?


Honestly it’s a funny story.  So about 3 years ago I was doing some research on some iPhone app ideas and stumbled across a niche that I thought was underserved.  When I say iPhone apps a lot of people think games, the first app I ever created was content based.  And the content? You guessed it.


http://ziegler-immobilier.com/3190-dtf61683-google-site-rencontre-gratuit.html Adult Role Play.   The crazy thing is, this started as an app idea, but then I started using it myself.  All the research didn’t lie.



moclín dating The first app that I (outlandish apps llc) published was in October of 2012 and it was a paid app with 145+ Bedroom Role Play Scenarios.  The interface was pretty basic and it looked like a utility app. Far from Sexy, but people downloaded it and people used it (they still do).


first app




It’s been downloaded just over 500 times.  Not bad for a small niche paid app, but the point is people were demanding this information.  The issue I had was this was just a title with a short description.  A quick reference for ideas.  Not everyone has the mind to come up with the details to make it sexy or even the script.


Link to this app original app (still gets downloaded).



So over the next few years I released several different versions using different app source codes as the vehicle to better deliver the information.


apps copy


I only tell you the downloads to show that people do want this info.  They may not talk about it, but they’re actively seeking it. I still get thousands of downloads a month.  Most of these apps are free with some ads, so believe me I’ve prob spent more money than I’ve made over the years, but I believe in it!


I always wanted to build out a more in depth app with better pictures, LONG detailed scenarios with things like recommended:

  • Characters
  • Attire
  • Atmostphere
  • How to start
  • Summary
  • Full Script


It sure did get put off, but It’s hard to ignore 400,000+ people that have downloaded all these apps in the past 3 years seeking the role play, fantasy and banter information.


Sure, there are articles about role play, but they are just short scenarios with little depth.


So after 3 years, we are finally here!  I finally got a chance to start writing these role play scenarios:


See a sample here:


Role Play Scenario: Lonely Redeye Flight – The Flight Attendant Gives Commentary Service to the Handsome Passenger




After I saw how much fun and sexy using role play can be I kept exploring and incorporated many of the below tips into the aforementioned apps.  I am very excited to be here and be serving this market.


So here are your 5 tips:

A variety of ways, but each way is basically a vehcicle to have better communication with your partner to give them what they want and recieve what you want.


1.) Watch porn together  (This is a blog post of ours. It’s safe 🙂
2.) Try Bedroom Role Play w/ dressing up (This is a blog post of ours. It’s safe 🙂

3.) Try asking them what they’ve always wanted to try
4.) Ask what their fantasy is and don’t judge them. If you can…try it 🙂
5.) Your next little, “I bet you I”m right” conversation, whoever wins, has to pleasure the other.
6.) Get your lighting right
7.) Have one person be experienced (the teacher) and the other the the inexperienced (the student)


Ok, that was 7!

I know this is a short post, but I’ve used just one of these to spice it up and it completely changeges the dynamic of a sexual experience. You have 7 to try.


We will be writing many more of these Bedroom Role Play Scenarios.  Realistically 150+.  If you haven’t subscribed to our email, please do so now.


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