Couples Role Play Scenario – The Stripper Breaks Her Own Rules in the VIP Room During The Private Lap Dance

The sexy stripper breaks her own rules in the VIP room with a client. She gives him A special “Private” lap dance that leads to forbidden and risky sex.*Attention* This post is intended for readers over 18 years old. By proceeding you acknowledge you are over 18 years of age*

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Bherāmāra is christian mingle the only christian dating site Characters:
Female Stripper
Male Customer



gay dating free lauderdale lakes fl Attire:
Female Stripper: Sexy Outfit of Choice ( One of our favorites)
Male Customer: Casual Pants w/ T-shirt Power Dynamic:
Female Stripper: Dominant with seductive power
Male Customer: Submissive, but strong. He is held back by club rules. He is not allowed to touch her.



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This scenario is great because it combines an already popular erotic dance (in the home) with a seductive plot that will drive you both crazy. Don’t forget to take your time and play out the teasing to your advantage.



poker chips near me Raipur How to Start:
Stripper: Enters room and approaches man
Customer: Sitting in chair



Recommend: Dimly lit room, sturdy comfy chair & couch or bed. (Private Lap Dance)



Candles (scented or non scented)
Music for her dramatic entrance (Mötley Crüe: Girls, Girls, Girls)
Music ideas for the dance (outside link)



Couples Role Play Tips:
1.) If you do not have a dimmer or candles, place a red cloth or shirt over a lamp shade to instantly change the mood to relaxing and sensual.

The sexy stripper breaks her own rules in the VIP room with a client. She gives him A special “Private” lap dance that leads to forbidden and risky sex.


2.) Although the below picture farther down in the post shows a basic chair for the dance, a couch or anything comfortable in most family rooms will work much better for later.  So if you want the best of both worlds, use a basic chair for the dance in a room that has comfortable transition options.



Couples Role Play Summary:
This scenario starts with a sexy female stripper entering the room and approaching a man.  After a brief exchange, she leads him into a dimly lit VIP room for a customary private lap dance . As it progresses, the sexual tension builds until the dance transitions from “customary” to something neither of them expected.

(Note: This is just a starting point. The possibilities are endless. You can always switch the gender roles to change the dynamic of this scenario. Maybe the woman would enjoying being the customer with the man giving the lap dance at a bachelorette party. Maybe they are the same sex.)



Couples Role Play Full Scenario:
(A man walks into a strip club with a few buddies that are frequent guests and he takes a seat right up front)


He is approached by a beautiful woman that asks, “Would you like a private dance?”


Male Customer: “No Thanks, we just got here”



Female Stripper: (with a big smile) “No worries, you just look like someone I could have fun with”


Male Customer: “Maybe Later”



Female Stripper: “Tell you what….if I give you a discount for being so handsome would you consider it?…Dances are usually $100 per song, but I’ll do it for $75.



(He glances over at his buddies and can tell from their expressions, this is not something they’ve heard before)



Male Customer: “Ok. I’ll do one.”



Female Stripper: “Follow me”



(He gets up and takes her hand as she leads him towards the dimly lit corner where the private dances take place)



Female Stripper: “Looks like this area is full, but I have an idea.”



Male Customer: “What?”



Female Stripper: “There is VIP room that is more private.”



Male Customer: “Is that more expensive?”



Female Stripper: “Usually, but because the other area is full and no one is using it…No extra charge.”



Male Customer: “That works.”



(They walk into the VIP room and close the door)



Male Customer: “Wow. You were right, this seems very private”



Female Stripper: “Yeah, this is the only room that doesn’t have cameras or a bouncer watching us”



Male Customer: (smiles)



Female Stripper: “Sit down in that chair!”



Male Customer: (he sits)



Female Stripper:Now, I’m about to start the dance, but I don’t want you getting any ideas. You can’t touch or kiss me! If you do, the dance is over! Understood?”



Male Customer: “Ok”



(A new song starts and she begins to dance. After seduvitly dancing around him for a minute, she begins the lap dance portion of his private dance)



(He is having a hard time keeping his hands to his sides. Every urge in his body is telling him to reach up and touch her and she can tell….)



Female Stripper: “I see you want to touch me. Am I turning you on?”



Male Customer: “Yes, I sure do. It’s difficult to fight my natural urges. Usually with normal girls it’s ok to be more physical.”



Female Stripper: “You didn’t answer me. I asked if I was turning you on.”



Male Customer: “Oh, yes. Sorry. I was just thinking”……(he gets cut off)



Female Stripper: “Wait! What do you mean normal girls!?”



Male Customer: “Oh, no. That’s not what I meant. I meant that in more (he air quotes) “normal” situations…you know after a date…not at a strip club….if this was happening I would be able to touch the woman.”



Female Stripper: (she smiles) “What if you were allowed to touch me?”



Male Customer: (He smiles) “I wouldn’t hesitate”



Female Stripper: “Prove it.”



(At this point the scenario changes speed a little. Clearly, by letting him touch her, she
gives him some control back while she lost the fight to stay professional and play by the rules.)



(The dance is no longer cold and generic. It turns into two past, passionate partners meeting up again)



(She climbs on top of him and grinds slowly and notices how hard he is getting)



Female Stripper: “You’re so hard.”



Male Customer: “Well, your so damn sexy I can’t help my self”



(He kisses her neck while reaching around to grip her lower back. As he pulls her in closer, she starts to moan. She is still wearing a short skirt, skimpy panties, and a white tank that shows a lacy bra peaking from underneath. She hops off of him and starts seductivley dancing directly in front of him .



(She turns around, bends over giving him a full view of her ass.)




Female Stripper: “Do you like what you see?”



Male Customer: “Oh yea. What else do you want to show me?”



She pulls her panties to the side to expose everything.



Female Stripper: “You mean like this?”



Male Customer: “Exactly like that. Let’s move over to that couch”



(He sits down and leans back. She sits down next to him and unzips his zipper)



Female Stripper: “What do we have here?”



Male Customer: “Why don’t you tell me”



(She pulls it out, starts to slowly lick up the shaft until she reaches the top, and puts it into her mouth. He can hear her moaning with her mouth full, then leans back even farther. He reaches to ensure her panties are still pulled to the side. She is glistening with anticipated excitement. She pops up and steps onto the couch. She uses one hand to slightly expose herself. He smiles, leans in and gives her one slow lick, starting at the lower most area of her vagina and extending all the way up to her exposed clit. Just as he approaches it, he stops, slowly pulls back about an inch, and lets his hot breath send tingles throughout her body.



Female Stripper: “Don’t stop. Pleasssssssseee Don’t stop”



(He leans back in while she reaches up to balance herself with her free hand. Her other still being used to expose herself.)



(He gives it another slow lick, but this time when he reaches her clit he pays special attention to it with the tip of his tonque. This continues for a few minutes until she says…)



Female Stripper: “Do you mind if I give you another lap dance right here”



Male Customer: “No. I’d like that”




(She climbs on top of him and pushes him back to where he is basically laying down on the couch. She grinds back and forth on his throbbing penis while tearing off her tank & bra exposing her beautiful breast w/hard nipples.)



Female Stripper “If you want to keep going you’ll have to pay for another song”



Male Customer: “Really?”



Female Stripper: (Smiling while reaching back to grab his penis) “No, we are off the clock”



(She puts it in and starts to ride him hard. He leans forward (almost sitting upright) and puts his mouth around her left nipple while circling his tongue around it. She starts to whimper / moan and he moves to the right nipple.)



(One hand is used to tightly grip her ass, while the other gives the opposite side a smack.
His mouth continues to give attention to her breasts with his mouth / tongue.)



(She hops off and bends over the couch as he apporaches her from behind.  He takes a moment to admire her sexy body.)



Male Customer: “You’re so damn sexy!”



Female Stripper: “Thanks babe. You’ve got me so hot…I need you to fuck me hard from behind!”



(Before putting it in he smacks her ass. As he gives her every inch from behind she reaches back to rub her clit. She’s only moments from orgasm and he says….)



Male Customer: “I’m close!! Where do you want it?”



Female Stripper: (moans) “Fuck me! Fuck me….Ohhhh I’m coming I’m coming..Don’t stop!! Ohhhh, where do you want to come?



Male Customer: “In your mouth and on your face”



Female Stripper: “Ohhhh baby, yes…..fuck me and then pull out. I want to taste it.”



(As he approaches orgasm, he pulls out (standing up). She turns around and sits on the edge of the couch taking him into her mouth. She takes every inch she can until she he says…)



Male Customer: “Here it comes!!!



(She backs off a little.  He pulls out of her mouth, and finishes into her eager open mouth and beautiful face.)


Male Customer: “Wow…that was great!



Female Stripper: “Yes it was. We better get outa here before someone comes in!”



Male Customer: “What do you mean?”



Female Customer: “I just came to see a friend of mine that is a bartender here. She told me about this room and I thought you were sexy. Hurry! Lets Go!!”



He hasn’t been back to a strip club since, but they have never forgot the night they met…



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Extra Resources:


(For her) Get some great tips to prepare yourself for this experience. It covers the dancing and we cover the plot 🙂



By: Aly Walansky on Your Tango





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